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Real Estate Brokerage

Goodwill Realty brokers and agents vouch to always represent the best interest of its clients from the start to the end of the transaction.

Property Management

Our Property Management Team offers an efficient system and professional services for our client's different needs, from property leasing, management, maintenance, rehabilitation,

Titling Services

We offer Original Titling, and
Transfer of Certificate of Title Service.

Allied Realty Services

We aimed to develop as a ONE-STOP-SHOP Agency and have partnered with reliable and experienced service providers of various disciplines that our client may need.

Why invest in REAL ESTATE?

Aside from the fact that every family needs a house or a home. Property investment is one of the most risk-free investment options in fund diversification. Basis? Zonal Values of The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), the tax base used to calculate real property tax, show that land valuation rises over time. As a result, many investors engage in buying and selling properties. Some entrepreneurs use their properties as financial leverage to borrow money for capital or as collateral for a readily available fund to support a business venture or even financial setbacks. Others use their home, condominiums, bed space, or even vacant lots as a source of passive income–by renting them out. These are just a few of the many ways of making money in real estate. Want to know more?… Let’s talk – Contact us.


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